Monday, 19 August 2013

To be Frank.

Last week I met my friends from school for some drinks at Franks Campari Bar. Have you been? If you haven't, you are running out of time, as they dismantle the bar at the end of September. You may have seen from my instagram photos, the bar itself is located on the tenth floor of a parking garage in Peckham. Pretty neat. Something I'm sure Vancouver's licensing laws, and 'no-fun' policies would prevent us from enjoying. This is the fourth summer running Franks, and so far so good.

The bar isn't easy to find. Once you see the initial signs (at the base of the garage) you are left on a hunt to search for small red squares with white arrows leading you to your destination.

When you reach the 9th floor there is an Art exhibition (a bit of an assurance that you've almost made it), and when you finally reach the will know.

As you emerge from the garage to the open air of the top level, you are faced with the London skyline. That in itself makes Franks a wonderful place to spend an evening.

The menu was simple but tasty. We were left a little hungry as we didn't order enough between us, but I'll know better for next time. We ordered the humous and french bread, the grilled corn, and the Ox heart Kebab. The only other downside was the (sometimes) long line at the bar. Frustrating when you are excited to get back to your friends...and the view.

Great face Courtenay.

And in case you were wondering about plumbing logistics...

A true Londoner. I'm going to take this look back to Vancouver.

You can visit their website to find our more about Frank's HERE

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