Thursday, 1 August 2013

T.I.P Exploring Brockley

Yesterday I went to explore Brockley with Rose.

Rose met me at the Brockley station and I was immediately struck by how cute Brockley was. Perhaps due to its proximity to New Cross, I assumed it would feel the same. Quite the opposite actually. Brockley has a neighbourhood vibe, with cute independent shops and restaurants. The neighbourhood that I saw, was tidy and tree lined. It was quite peaceful compared to it's neighbour.

A little coffee shop I thought looked charming...

Rose took me first to the student residences that she has been living in for the past year. I saw their common room, and lovely back garden. She expressed how grateful she was for those common spaces. When the students are cooped up in their rooms, it is nice for them to be able to come together both inside and out. She explained that in the summer months, students fill the garden, soaking up the sunshine, picnicing, and playing music. They use the indoor space to work on their laptops, or as a sheltered social space during the cold winter months.

The back garden...

From the residence we walked to the local park. Rose and her friends like to pick up fresh seafood at the local markets, prepare it together and come up to the park for a picnic. Rose has also spent many hours here sketching her surroundings.

Some sketches she did in the park...

From the park we walked by the laundromat. Rose explained that she doesn't mind cooking and cleaning, but laundry is something she can't stand doing. She brings it to the Laundromat in Brockley to have it done for her. She loves that when she walks in with her bag of Laundry, they know her face and greet her by name.

Next to the Laundromat is Rose's favourite restaurant. Upon arriving in Brockley, Rose formed a relationship with the woman who runs the restaurant. Rose's best friend Ruby was able to stay with this family when she first arrived. The food was comforting, and probably the most authentic Chinese food I've had since living in London. We shared Hot and Sour soup, Chicken Satay, and Fried Rice with Beef, Ginger, and Spring Onions.

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