Wednesday, 14 August 2013

July's Friendly Faces.

July was a funny month. I had so many people writing and telling me they were visiting / passing through London, I had to keep track of them all in my icalendar. Regardless of the 'July Rush', it doesn't matter how many times I tour people around London, it never gets old. I absolutely love showing my friends the things I love so much about this city. It also gives me a sense of peace knowing that there are a handful of people who have a true understanding as to what exactly I've been up to this last year.

I don't have pictures of all of the visits (and I regret that), but here's a look at some of the faces that 
I had a chance to visit with this summer.

First, the lovely Britt came down to London from Scotland for a weekend. We had a great wander through my neighbourhood, and then a walk along the South Bank, some wine at Gordan's (shocking, I know), a power walk through The National Portrait Gallery, and then a night out in Kensington with her friend Emily.

Sangria in Borough Market.

You'll recognize this one from yesterday's post, and as you may know, she's here to stay. Yippee!

I knew we were related when she pulled out this...

And these lovelies came up from OxPrep.

There was a Sleepover with Katie and Callum (they stayed at my their own bed, you sickos).

Pimms beside the Serpentine (a first for me also).

..and dumplings for dinner in Brixton Village.

One weekend I headed out to Brighton for a reunion with these guys...

Tom hosted a BBQ.

We met originally in Barbados 6 years ago. Awesome right? There's 'M' on the left.

I hadn't seen Laurent (Far Right) since Barbados, as he's been living in San Fran and only recently moved home.

And last Saturday, 'My friend Nick Bell' (that sentence is another story altogether) was in town, 'On Business' (an international policing conference). We had Breakfast by St. Pancras, and then some window shopping along Marylebone Road. We checked out the Wallace Collection (Thanks Rusko), and had some EXCELLENT CHEESE at La Fromagerie. Just ask Nick to tell you about the cheese.

This attractive photo was right before we parted ways. I went off to Hoxton to meet Russell Brand. Did I tell you about that? (joke). Nick went down to the platform for the Piccadilly line (to head to Heathrow) only to find it wasn't operating. He then had a wild goose chase through London with his suitcase. Poor guy.

As mentioned above, there were some visitors that I didn't get photos of. I met up with Kevin (from CW) for some drinks one evening in Central London (you can guess where), and also had a wonderful picnic with Alex and Emily in a private garden in Kensington.

These visits made July truly a special month for me. Everyone thanked me endlessly for showing them around town, but little did they know how much their visits meant to me. Leaving London will be difficult, but it is these (and the many other) familiar faces, that remind me of all of the wonderful people I have to go home to.

As for the rest of you...

There's still 18 days left!

**sidenote: I've added some pictures to the Wales Camping Trip post (evidence that I was actually on that trip) the new photos will be at the bottom if you want to see them **

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