Friday, 26 July 2013

Monterroso, Cinque Terre.

Okay, where were we?

The three of us had sweat our way to Corniglia via the foot path, and were now on the hunt for a good swim in Monterroso...

Monterroso is quite different than the other villages. I would say it has the greatest tourist influence of all five spots. The beach was absolutely packed (granted it was hot as hell and mid tourist season), and had vendors targeting the swimmers.

Despite the crowds, the village itself was cute.

We stopped for lunch, after spotting a little pizzeria in the shade.

Deep in thought...

The town was mainly made up of hotels and apartments, but this little pizza spot had the most authentic Napoli style pizza of our entire trip. 

For those who don't know their pizza...

Napoli Style = Simple combinations
The tomato sauce is fresh and the mozza (when used) floats sparingly on top

And of course, washed down with...

There's one more part to this tale. 

But first, a little background...
From the second we arrived in Italy, we had difficulty with the trains. I hate to admit this, as I thought I'd conquered my fear of trains after a year of using them daily in London. Italian trains are different. They are poorly labelled, constantly switching tracks, off schedule, and rarely do they announce the stops (let alone in English).

So on this day, post hike, post swim, and post pizza, exhausted and ready to head back for a shower, we ended up on the wrong train.

....the wrong train headed to Milan.

And this is what that looks like. Wet bathing suit, heading to Milan.

Next week I'll show you a closer look at my two favourite villages, Vernazza, and Manorola. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'm excited as one of my best friends arrives with her boyfriend tomorrow from Vancouver, and on Saturday I'm heading to Brighton for a bbq with some friends I haven't seen in years. Fingers crossed that this wonderful weather lasts!


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