Thursday, 4 July 2013

Canada Day @ Trafalgar Square.

On Canada day I headed into Trafalgar Square to meet Gill and her boyfriend and celebrate with fellow Canucks. During the day there had been a road hockey tournament, yoga, a pancake breakfast, and a Canadian food competition (whatever that entails?).

Tardy as we were, we caught the music portion of the Festivities. There were four bands, most notably Jan Arden and The Tragically Hip, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos

It was a fun evening, and ever so apparent that we were surrounded by Canadians...

I'm not normally a Molson fan, but hey, it was Canada Day. It seemed appropriate.

We finished the night singing along with the Bands to 'Oh Canada', and as quickly as we arrived, this large group of Canadians went their separate ways, dispersing themselves into the city. 

As many were wearing red, I could identify my fellow Canadians on the journey home, and while on a regular day, I might remain unaware, it felt comforting to know they are there.

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  1. Awesome! Did you make it to the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden?? That's where I spent Canada Day in 2005. Was a GREAT time!!