Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tara Donovan.

We arrived home from my birthday weekend in Copenhagen very late last night. We were late as a result of a late flight, but also because of the snow storm that hit London yesterday.

I'm going to blog about our adventures in Copenhagen once I have a chance to sort through all of the photos, but first I want to tell you about an American Contemporary artist we discovered while we were there.

I've pulled all of my images from here as I wasn't able to take photos in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Tara Donovan's work was mesmerizing. She takes regular everyday objects like film, paper plates, drinking straws, toothpicks, pins, and glass, and glues them together into these huge organic shapes, looking nothing like their original state.

We couldn't take our eyes off them. I did sneak a few photos discretely (slap on the wrist), and will show those to you when I tell you about Copenhagen and the rest of the gallery (AMAZING).

Have a look at some of Tara's pieces that we saw this weekend. The photos I'm using are from an exhibition of hers in the states, but the pieces are the same.

And this is what it looked like close up (film). Image
This one looked light and fluffy, like a cloud....

But when you got up close, you saw that it was made up of plastic straws.
These spheres were made of paper plates.

Plates of shattered glass, pins, and toothpicks.


Gives you a different take on the everyday doesn't it?

P.S. I forgot to tell you, I was also part of a BBC food show today.
That sounds fancy, but I was pretty much a guinea pig.
My friends and I ate the food they gave us, were interviewed about the meal, and told to eat for the camera (totally awkward).

What did I learn?

That I could NEVER be a reality T.V. star....or an actor for that matter. It was IMPOSSIBLE not to look into the camera. I'll have to ask my brother for pointers on this one.
As we left we tried to get information on what exactly the show was. All the production assistant would tell us is that it's airing in August.....and it's the top cooking show in the U.K.

Sweet Baby Jesus, what have I done?!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that's really really cool! They are all amazing but for some reason I think the button one is my favourite.