Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tapas Brindisa and The Rake.

I was recently taken on a wonderful date to Borough Market. We started off at Tapas Brindisa. While it can sometimes be difficult to score a table at this hot spot, it is easy to saddle up to the bar, grab a glass of wine, and order some Tapas while you wait. 'S' just ordered the book, 'Where Chef's Eat' and the restaurant is on the hit list of London's greatest foodies, so I think you can take my word for it.

We had a delicious meal. My gentleman friend adores the Traditional Black Rice, but as I am a little less adventuresome, I was turned off by the idea of Squid Ink.

The Croquetas de Jamon were AMAZING (but can you ever go wrong with Croquetas?).  Croquetas make me think of Barcelona, as there were few meals on this trip when I didn't indulge!

I also REALLY loved the Padron Peppers, and am hoping to attempt them at home. The nice thing about Tapas Brindisa is they have some recipes on their website. Click here.

After dinner we headed for a night cap at a small little pub called The Rake. This little place is tucked away on a Market back street, but you really must give it a try. It's so small it feels like the perfect clubhouse.

This is a short post as I didn't have my camera out with me, but I enjoyed both places so much, I wanted to tell you about them. 
I had never been to Borough Market in the evening, and I loved the vibe (not quite as Edgie as Shoreditch, but definitely more diverse than my Clapham bubble).

There are other great bars and restaurants in the area, so if you're new to London and you have a free evening, head over and check it out.

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