Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sunday Drive in the Country.

On Sunday, my 'Tour Guide Extraordinaire' took me for a drive in the country. When you are living in London, you don't often realize how nice it is to get away from the hustle and bustle until you find yourself breathing fresh air surrounded by the tranquillity of the countryside. We didn't actually need to venture that far in order to accomplish this. 

I had naively suggested Devon as our destination, and was quickly shot down. 

Who knew it was 6 hours away?

We ended up going for lunch at a very cozy pub near Box Hill called The Running Horses

The pub was cute, and packed with people post-walk, or enjoying a Sunday lunch with friends. There was an abundance of tweed and Barbour jackets, and at the entrance to the pub was a sign asking walkers to kindly remove their walking boots before entering the pub....

As you can see, they obliged.

We had a great lunch, and I credit the fuel from The Running Horses' most amazing (and extremely large) burger as the reason I had a terrific swim workout on Monday morning. I realize the name of the pub within this sentence (and the current news headlines) could cause people to question. I will clarify, that to my knowledge it was 100% beef. Knock on wood.

When I ordered our drinks and two hamburgers, the bartenders brought the food over, placed it down on the table and said, "I hope these are up to your American standards!".  Life lesson, when in England, it's simply "burger", or "beef burger", never "Hamburger"...but don't worry, 'Tour Guide Extraordinaire' quickly jumped in with, "She's Canadian actually!" 
After which point I got a sincere apology. 
This happens on a regular basis.

After lunch, we wandered across the street to a very sweet little church, and strolled around the cemetery. It seems this particular spot was the final resting place of one of our Prime Ministers.

Here lies Richard Bedford Bennett. Prime Minister of Canada in 1930.

Pretty good location he scored hey?

For those of you wondering who the 
'Tour Guide Extraordinaire' was, you'll have to use your imagination. My tour guide does not like having his photo on the blog, so this will have to do. 

'Tour Guide Extraordinaire' and C walking through graveyard.

We then headed to Box Hill in an attempt to work off our "Burgers".
Box hill was part of the route used for the Olympic Cycling circuit. The Hill seems to be a starting point for some great local walks. From the top of the hill you can see excellent views of Surrey, as well as London in the distance.

After our walk we headed back to London just in time for tea and a lazy afternoon. 

Were you able to get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend?

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