Friday, 15 February 2013

Copenhagen Part I: The Sights

I've decided to divide our Copenhagen adventures into a two part series. I'll start with the sights and finish with the food.

Despite the cold temperatures, an ear infection, the return of my sore foot, and a slight panic about how old I'm getting, I loved Copenhagen!

Although we would only last outside for a few hours before our fingers and toes were numb, I think the snowy weather helped paint the image of the Scandinavian City I had always envisioned. I would be lying (and you will see from the photos), if I didn't say the city looked bleak and grey (it did), so I had to take a step back from time to time to picture it on a sunny day (you know the kind when Vancouver's at its best). What I really liked was the juxtaposition of new and old.

Tivoli Gardens (Garden / Amusement park) was closed as they were doing work in the off time, I guess.

.Foos ball tables in public spaces. Awesome.
Sculptures and public art absolutely everywhere.

Again, new and old.
This photo is for Chris (a test to see if he actually reads the blog). Just like NYC's 'CAGE'...but by a canal.

Nyhavn. (17th century waterfront street and canal)

Amalienborg Palace.
The changing of the guards.

The Little Mermaid. (The head of the prima Ballerina, Ellen Price, and the body of the Artist, Edvard Erikson's wife)
...and her backdrop.

Bleak. Told you.
'Danske Bank' became my favourite thing to say (just ask S). Trust me, say it a few times and you feel like you're speaking Danish.

Prepare to enter 'Freetown Christiania'. Christiania is a commune of about 850 people on 84 acres in the middle of Copenhagen. The area is regulated by the Christiania Law of 1989 which transfers the supervision of the area to the state instead of the city of Copenhagen. Up until 2004, the cannabis trade in Christiania was tolerated. Now that the authorities are cracking down on the inhabitants and their drug trade, you can't take pictures in the town. You are also prohibited from running. It scares the hippies. I'm serious.

The Wall separating Christiania from the rest of Copenhagen.

All of the pictures I took, were prior to approaching the above sign...and prior to being yelled at by a man with dreadlocks...on a bicycle.

You're welcome.

The main entrance.
On your way out.

This is what happens if you take pictures of the hippies.

Riding Regalia. 'Sharky' would have suited this.
S and I felt better as even the king's 'throne' has a crack in the seat.

S with her perfect man on Stroget, the longest pedestrian only street in the EU.

Stay tuned for part II on Monday's post. I'm hoping to highlight the places we ate, and give you an idea of what not to miss out on, should you ever decide to visit. 

What are you up to this weekend? I'm meeting a friend for Sushi tonight (London sushi attempt #2 after first attempt did not pass the test) then it's working on the paper on Saturday followed by a date night (very excited), and an adventure in the car on Sunday (location- TBD).

Happy Friday!


  1. Hey
    I love your pictures, you certain made the best out of a bad day's weather. I particularly like the multi coloured pastel buildings down on the water front, and all the locals going about their daily life.
    Also, all the sculptures look great, I'd be trigger-happy all day!
    Thanks for adding another destination to my bucket list :)
    Enjoy your sushi
    x x

    1. Ibbs-
      Thanks for your note! Just checked out your blog. It's awesome. Can't wait to try some of your recipes :)

  2. to test and see if I actually read the blog. PSSSSH! Been a subscriber for over two months now and I enjoy every one! Didnt look like much of a bball court, but i enjoyed it none the less.

    1. Congratulations! You Passed! I was questioning how much 'Arc' you could have on your shot with those nets on top!!