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Lately, it seems as though I'm starting every second post with an apology for being M.I.A. Again, I'm sorry! Unfortunately my MA has taken over as of late. January is ridiculously crazy with papers due, Vivas and exhibitions, so I'm hoping once the dust has settled, I'll be able to get back to more regular posts.

Evidence that I have been working.
What's new?

1) I woke up to snow this morning. Just a skiff, but I wouldn't be shocked if my train to class tonight is delayed. London is worse than Vancouver in that respect.

2) My favourite London Blogger is hosting a get together on Saturday which I'm hoping to make it to as long as I can get my paper and artwork finished in time. There's at least 50 London bloggers going, and Rosie has organized £4 pizzas. It should be an excellent opportunity to pick some brains.

3) On New Year's Eve, I had a visit with one of my best friends, her husband, and their new baby boy. This was my first chance to meet Kieran (since I was in London when he was born in October). He's adorable, and I'm still in shock that they are parents! Amazing!

My first chance to hold the little man.

Mom and Baby.

Proud Dad.

4) On Thursday I had an MRI on my foot. Finally, I know. The brilliant part is, the regular hospital I've been going to, outsourced me to a private clinic. They called and asked me what day I'd like to come in. Seriously. Upon arrival, the sitting room was stacked with current magazines (I had brought my own...expecting the worst), and I was asked if I'd like tea or coffee. During my MRI, they gave me headphones and asked me what type of music I'd prefer to listen to. Wow. If I wasn't a starving art student (exaggeration, starving is one thing I'm not...thanks S!), I could get used to this two-tiered system. Back to the main point, I don't have the results yet, but keep your fingers crossed that the scan shows some sort of bone growth. We want to avoid surgery people!

5) On Friday night I had an awesome night at the pub with two of my favourite MKNers. I can't remember when the last time I saw those boys was. I'm looking forward to the Danbee/MKN reunion in February (for those who don't know, this is the camp I worked at for 11 summers in Massachusetts).

MKN Bromance. A night at the Pub with Asa and Paul

6) On Sunday night, S made a scrumptious dinner, which I should have blogged (sorry- was busy painting), and M came over to watch 'The Impossible'. Have you seen it? It's about the Tsunami in Thailand. Excellent acting by Naomi Watts, though I'm definitely exhibiting early signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome. There was a point when we had to pause the film so that I could go get more kleenex. Embarrassing. I'm not sure why I put myself through that. It's kind of like watching Titanic in that respect. I can't say I didn't know what I was in for.

7) I am always on the search for the ideal cosmetic bag. Over the Christmas holiday, I think I found it. The company is called Apple & Bee. They are based out of Australia. While this thing isn't ideal for the overnight getaway, it certainly holds absolutely everything you'd need for an actual vacation. For me, in our current 'minimalist' flat in London, it's perfect. I can keep everything accessible, hanging on the wall, and organized. Check out the website as they come in lots of sized, and there are some great patterns.  For you Vancouverites, I found it at Front & Company on Main Street.

Amazing right?
New Years Bling.
New Year's Day- working on the paper beside the stream in YVR (heading back to London)
Jet Lag (over 10 days now...what's wrong with me!)
Misty Day on route to the pool.
Xmas tree Carnage. The sidewalks in Battersea are covered.
Hoping this will cure the jet lag prior to my 3hr night class.
What I eat for breakfast EVERY single day...I'm not joking. EVERY single day (Oat bran, almonds, rasberries, blueberries, apple, and yoghurt)

Works in Progress. 

 They're not finished yet... I'll post when they're done, and ready for the show.

...and London Grinds to a halt

The Beast actually kept going, but it wouldn't take much more than this to bring the city to a stand still. I will be writing a paper all week, but I'll try and get at least one more post in before the weekend. I will also bring my Camera on Saturday to the blogger event so you can see how that goes down, and meet some of my new 'virtual friends'.

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