Monday, 26 November 2012

The Neighbourhood.

Today, I've done my best to give you a little taste of my neighbourhood. 
Welcome to Clapham Junction and the very lovely Northcote Road...

Flower Stand, and Cheap and Cheerful Italian to the right.

"Byron" - apparently the best burgers in town (yet to try).

Hamish Johnston - Best Cheese Shop.

Permanent Bread Stall (at the bottom of my road...and they sell cupcakes and pizza)

veggies (Saturday Market)
Great Tapas Restaurant.
Amazing Selection of Beers (as well as stop #1 on "Adam's walking tour of Northcote Road")

neighbourhood gallery

Probably our favourite watering hole.

We are also sandwiched in by two large parks. Wandsworth Common to the South, and Clapham Common to the North (ideal for running- had I not a broken foot. I'm not bitter at all).

Following a stroll in the park, we took our market purchases home and made the best little Charcuterie board one could imagine.

See for yourself...

Yes, Quail Eggs. Delicious!

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