Friday, 16 November 2012

SOHO night out.

One week ago today, K, and I met up with a friend of mine from high school. He was in town for a visit as London is his 'happy place', and invited us to join him and some work colleagues. We met for dinner at a cute pub, and then headed to Soho for a night out. The night finished with pizza and cappuccinos at the same establishment I'd finished my last SOHO evening in.

As I look at the photos, it is very evident why I am not a fashion blogger.

Here we are failing miserably at our fashion shoot.

I don't remember my top being this see through. Shall we blame the flash?

Dressing alike was NOT a conscious decision.

And as I can't remember where exactly we were, maybe you Londoners will recognize the over the top Christmas decor?

 The decor seemed to continue into the pizza place. This is me ordering in my best Italian. "We'll have one Americana, and one Vegetariana please"....and that's all I've got.

K: Pants: Zara, Blouse: JCREW, Shoes: Nine West
Me: Pants: Citizens Blouse: Aritzia, R Shoe: Chelsea, Clutch: Hobo, Bracelets: JCREW, Halcyon Days, Watch: Calvin Klein

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