Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Yesterday, after strolling around Oxford, St. Regents, and Carnaby street, K and I kicked it up a notch (or maybe down, I'll let you be the judge), and headed to Dukes Hotel in Mayfair for some pre- 'SKYFALL' martinis.

We'd been told that Dukes was a favourite haunt of Ian Fleming, and Dukes Bar, the inspiration for 'Shaken, not stirred'. It seemed pretty obvious that this was where we needed to go before the show.

Dukes did not disappoint (after we got over the sticker shock of £20 drinks that is). We sat in what quickly became an 'all boys club' (it was 5:30pm on a Monday night after all).  The pricey martini's were worth it as we met the sommelier of Chez Bruce (he was from Vancouver), and secured an invitation (from a Bostonian) to the not yet opened Balthazar in February. Not bad hey?

A well stocked bar to say the least.

You might have realized from the photos that our martinis were not Bond style. You are correct. Our thinking after the £20 price tag was that we better damn enjoy them!

After our drinks, our new friends recommended Burger and Lobster for dinner. When a man from Boston recommends a place to go for Lobster, you listen. At Burger and Lobster, the menu is simple. You have the choice of three things; a burger, a lobster, or a lobster roll. Fitting name for the restaurant isn't it?

The Lobster Roll.
Yup, the lobster.

Then it was movie time. Off we went, around the corner to the Curzon. Like many London movie theatres, hot drinks, and booze are available to take into the film. A nice perk.

Just me and my Lambo.

As for Skyfall itself, we were fans. One might argue that we too were distracted by Daniel Craig, to really take in the film. Possibly. After all was said and done, the 'close shave' was my favourite scene. Yes, that's where my head's at.

I'm sorry, what were you saying?

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  1. Glad to see that white jacket is getting some use ;)