Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back to School.

My ever growing collection of left shoes....sigh

I woke up on Monday morning (yes, my first day of school) with a sore throat. I haven't been sick in over a year, so go figure. My primary theory is that as all the stresses of the last 6 months begin to ease off, I've started to relax (I know you don't believe me) and let my guard down (and the virus attacks). Theory number two is simply too much drinking, and too little sleep (you decide).

Back to Monday morning. Pouring rain. I hear you saying, "What did you think you'd get? You moved to London, you idiot!". No seriously, four people died on Monday. S read it on the front of the metro. It was driving rain, sideways, inverting the umbrella (not my blue umbrella- it's the latest in 'brolly' technology). So I arrived at school with a soggy right sock, and frizzy hair (on the plus, my cheeks were flush, like the lovely new English Rose that I plan on transforming myself into).

Luckily, it was an International Student info session, and the rest of the 'newbies' resembled drowned rats also. I met a friend. She is from Argentina (and has a normal haircut...not that I'm judging).

Today we were shown our studio space for the year. All full time students get a studio space. There are only two of us. We were shocked. I guess a few are MIA, and one is detained at the border with visa related issues, so myself and R from Hong Kong will be sharing this entire floor, until someone arrives and kicks us out. It's bright and lovely (and supposedly will be cozy once they get the heat fixed in the building).

R and I decided we didn't make the greatest first impression. We sat with the director of the program as she explained the computer system and various other things, and she kept asking us if we had any other questions. We didn't know what to ask. We had no questions. We hardly new where we were let alone had time to think up course related enquiries. And then she asked again. Silence.  She probably asked us 6 times. Still no questions. Was this a test? Maybe she was nervous? I tried to explain to her that at this point, my brain was swirling with flat hunting stresses, UK bank account information, mobile phone set-up, bank transfers, university passwords, student oyster cards, tuition fees, other passwords, usernames, id numbers, directions to Ikea, student rail cards, and my soggy right sock. She should be thrilled that I'd arrived at the meeting in the first place.

...I didn't tell her that I also needed to find a costume for Thanksgiving in a Castle. Details.

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